Corporate Policy Checklist and Service Level Agreement

We suggest that you include this checklist in employment contracts as well as in office policy manuals accessible to employees.

Enrollment in Group Benefits

Enrollment in Group Benefits is mandatory corporate policy. Opting out of health and dental coverage is allowed only if there is proof of spousal coverage.

Define what benefits are covered during leave of absence, for how long and impact on cost sharing:

  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Maternity/Parental leave
  • Sabbatical
  • Retirement

For employees on long term disability, employment may be terminated if the employee is no longer able to fulfill the basic obligations associated with the employment relationship for the foreseeable future:

  • Absent for an excessive period (2+ years);
  • Poor prognosis for return to work;
  • The company’s attempts to accommodate reaches undue hardship.

If applicable, define the salary continuance schedule for short-term disability.

Rules for Short Term Absence Management

  • Early notification of We suggest that you include this checklist in employment contracts as well as in office policy manuals accessible to employees.absence with expected date of return.
  • When is a doctor’s note required
  • Frequency of contact and who initiates contact

Cost-sharing of benefits or the package of benefits are subject to change depending on material changes in business condition.

Administration Reminders

Make sure the hire date is correct. The coverage effective date is calculated based on the hire date plus any waiting period.

Submit paperwork ASAP (within 31 days of event); otherwise, medical evidence will be required for the employee and each of their dependents—coverage can be denied by the insurer. Events include: new hires, loss of spousal coverage, new child.

Written Waiver

Obtain a written waiver if:
An employee opt-outs of health and or dental.
An employee declines to apply for excess life and LTD coverage.

Review Your Plan Periodically

Match union agreements with group contract. Contract employees should be in a separate class with no disability coverage and possibly reduced health and dental coverage.

Tax / Payroll Reminders

  • Regular reporting of salary changes to insurer to ensure life and disability benefits are correct.
  • Employee payroll deductions should include all corresponding taxes.
  • Company paid premium for taxable benefits and taxes should included in T-4 or Relevé 1.

For Your Employees’ Protection

Regular review of beneficiary designation (estate or minor children not recommended).

For privacy protection, claims should not be submitted through the company HR department. Where possible, employees should deal directly with the insurer.

Our Commitment to You

As part of Our Service Commitment with respect to your Employee Benefit Contract, we commit to the best interests of our client. With this in mind, we are accountable to you for the following:

Respond to your voicemail/emailBy end of day or within 24 hours.
Reporting and discussion of your claims experienceEvery quarter
Review of your plan designAnnually (upon request)
Semi-Annual Pre–Renewal discussions, face to face or by phone
Negotiation of your renewalAnnually
Notification of Proposed rates 1 month in advance of renewal
Market survey of your planMinimum every 3 years (upon request or if circumstances change)
Advise you of relevant changes in legislation/Industry impacting your group planAt all times
Respect and guard your privacy as well as the privacy of your employees and their familiesAt all times

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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