Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our concern.

David Burns and Associates is committed to protecting your privacy. The goal of our privacy policy is to help you understand:

  1. Why we collect your personal information
  2. How we use your information
  3. The steps we take to protect your information

The choice to share your personal information is yours; however, your decision to withhold information may limit our ability to meet your needs.

Why we collect your personal information

The collection of your personal information by David Burns and Associates is required in order to provide our business affiliates, partner organizations and any other third-party – if required by law, with accurate information when completing and submitting documents relating to employee benefits, retirement planning and individual insurance.

How we use your information

The information that is collected allows David Burns and Associates to assess and meet your short and long-term needs. It is also used to provide support and manage services relevant to your needs. The personal information collected for group benefits, as well as, investment and insurance products is subject to implied consent. Meaning, that by providing the information required to purchase and enroll employees in these products, the client is lawfully consenting to the collection of their personal information for the purposes in which these products, and the services that are associated with these products, are intended. The information collected in order to support these products and services is kept highly confidential and is not collected, used or disclosed for any reason other than its intended purpose.

The steps we take to protect your information

David Burns and Associates understand that the confidentiality of your personal information is of extreme importance. We only collect the information that is necessary for the purposes outlined above and required by our business affiliates, partner organizations or any other third party. These businesses consist of, but are not limited to: insurance companies, financial institutions, companies that are represented by David Burns and Associates and any other third-party that might lawfully require access to your personal information. The personal information collected at David Burns and Associates is restricted to the employees who need access to it in order to complete their job requirements. These employees have all signed non-disclosure agreements preventing them from collecting, using or disclosing any personal information, financial data or business information relating to our clients for themselves or others. Personal information will only be kept as long as it’s needed to fulfill the purpose in which it was intended for. At which time, all personal information is destroyed to ensure the utmost protection of your information.

If you have any questions concerning the privacy of your personal information please contact David Burns and Associates at 613-563-1281, Toll Free at 800-606-0445 or at [email protected].

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