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Group Benefits

Our approach to group benefits helps businesses retain talent, increase employee productivity, and allows your employees thrive in and out of the workplace . Our team will work with you to create a benefits plan suited to your company’s needs, and empower you to make informed, valuable decisions that satisfy your budget.

Group Savings Plans

Our Group Savings Plans services are optimized to assure your team that their future is a bright one without uncertainty, and to eliminate any ongoing administrative expenses for your business. Count on DBA to deliver competitive pricing without sacrificing the policy standards and service you deserve.

Life Insurance and Living Benefits

Whether living with a disability, critical illness or outstanding dental complications, our insurance solutions help you live confidently and with certainty. Enjoy unmatched pricing on packages that also include travel, mortgage, health, and education insurance.

Wealth Management

We know that wealth management is about more than just investment advice – you need the right strategy and an experienced financial team to help you maximize your investments and protect your wealth. That’s where we come in. DBA’s in-house CFP takes a holistic approach in understanding all aspects of your portfolio in order to safeguard your financial future.

Administrative Services Only (ASO)

DBA is a firm believer in the benefits of alternative funding plans. Our Administrative Services Only (ASO) solutions can help make your plan more flexible and affordable. With our ASO capabilities, we can modify your current plan to better suit your operating needs, budget, and specific compliances.


Maximize the potential, compliance, and efficiency of your policy needs.

DBA harnesses years of expertise to help you make informed, value-driven decisions for your business. Whether planning for the future or entering retirement, your employees and their families experience that value firsthand. Our unique approach consistently helps our clients save more than with their previous arrangements.

We proudly represent clients from not only within Ontario or Quebec, but across Canada, the United States, and even further internationally.

Regardless of your location, providing exceptional service and support is our top priority. DBA is a local, family-owned company, but has the experience, expertise, and resources to operate like one on a much larger scale. This provides clients with the best of both worlds: the vast network and functionality of a multinational company, and the customer service of a local business. We view our clients’ success as our own, and we are always available to support your needs.

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