Wealth Management

Wealth Management: Investment Management with DBA

We know that wealth management is more than just investment advice. Our in house Certified Financial Planner looks at all aspects of your financial situation, including taxation, management of debt, estate planning and investment management of your portfolio, in order to create a personalized and comprehensive wealth management plan. Retirement and investment goals are also incorporated into the plan.

We are a full financial services provider. Our team of experts are able to handle both traditional mutual funds and more protected segregated funds. We can also help and provide advice on GIC’s, annuities and individual security portfolios.

Here are the types of coverage we can help you with:

  • Personalized investment management, advice and reporting
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate Planning
  • All plans covered:
  • RRSPs
  • Spousal RRSPs
  • LIRAs
  • TFSAs
  • Open plans
  • RESPs
  • Segregated Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • GICs
  • Annuities