Group Savings Plans

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Group Savings Plans are a great tool not only to increase your company’s appeal, but also to create employee attraction and retention. Group Savings Plans show employees that their employer considers retirement planning an important component of a comprehensive benefits package.

This gives existing employees piece of mind that they are being well looked after while also providing incentive when recruiting new employees. Group investments enjoy lower investment costs for employees and generate better returns without increasing risks. Since funds come off at source, higher amounts get deposited into the plan, also reducing costs to each individual.

At DBA, we know that building the optimal savings plan can be daunting. DBA believes in a systematic approach that is designed to create a personalized plan that meets the different needs of clients. Our team of experts guide you through your options and suggest you the best possible solutions to your company.

We offer:

  • Group RRSPs
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Defined Profit Sharing Plans
  • Plan Compliance